1. How many teams can we send?

There are 3 levels: Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced. 1 to 2 teams for each level. Each team need to have 6 participants.
That makes 6 teams at maximum.

2. What would be the total amount for a group of six and a teacher?

(1) Registration fee is US$75 per team member. This need to be paid before September 30th (via Paypal or Bank transfer).
(2) Expense cost is US$480 per team member. This fee pays for each team member’s meals for 5 days, 4 nights of hotel rooms, transportation (including airport pick up and drop off), sightseeing tours, certificates, medals, trophies, souvenirs, etc. This fee will be charged when the team members arrive in Beijing for registration.
(3) The expense cost of the 1 coach will be compensated by the WMTC Committee.

3. Where are the accommodations?

Participants will live in Jiu Hua Spa & Resort, a 4 Star hotel in Beijing, China. Which will also be the site for the championship.

4. What is the policy on teams providing proctors and graders?

To ensure WMTC to be a fair and open competition, each team should provide one person (coach or chaperone or parent) to act as proctor proctoring another team during examination. Also, we would like teams to provide enough people to do grading immediately after the examination. A person can serve both as a proctor and a grader. WMTC registration form will have space for teams to provide names whom they nominate as proctors. If any of your teams absolutely cannot name a proctor, you should let us know well in advance so we can get another proctor to take over. Since the number of graders needed is much smaller than the number of proctors, WMTC will ask for volunteers to be graders during coaches meeting.

5. What is the age qualification for each level?

Junior Level – For participants under 12 years old.
Intermediate Level – For participants under 15 years old.
Advanced Level – For participants under 20 years old and registered in a highschool as student.
Younger participants may participate in higher level.

6. Can students compete at a level outside their age limit?

Any student may challenge himself/herself participating in higher level but not lower.

7. Can one student compete in WMTC as an individual?

WMTC will not accept registration for any person as an individual.
Each competing students must belong to a team that represents a country, a region, a city, or an educational institution such as a school.

8. How many competition rounds are there in WMTC?

There are 3 rounds. Individual, Relay, and Team rounds which will be conducted on November 24th afternoon.

9. How many minutes and how many problems for each round?

In the Individual Round, students are given 3 sets of problems.
The first set has 14 easy level problems of 2 points each, the second set has 4 medium level problems of 4 points each, and the third set has 2 difficult level problems of 8 points each.
Students are given 10 minutes to solve each set of problems.
In the Relay Round, each team divides into 3 groups with 2 students in each group.
Each group solves 3 sets of relay problems. Students are given 8 minutes to solve each set of problems.
In the Team Round, each team is given 40 minutes to solve 20 problems of 5 points each.
See WMTC Announcement for specific rules for these rounds.

10. Is it possible for partial teams (teams with less than 6 students) to compete in WMTC?

No. Each team must have 6 students.

11. What are the award categories in WMTC?

Team awards: In each level, the top 1/3 of the teams are ranked and get trophies and each team member gets a gold medal and a certificate. The other 2/3 teams get participation awards.
Individual awards: In each level, the top 10% scoring individuals get gold medals, the next 20% get silver medals, the next 30% get bronze medals, and the next 40% get merit participation certificate. Each individual gets a corresponding certificate. Individuals are also ranked by scores and each of the top three scoring individuals in each level gets a special trophy and a scholarship to honor his/her ranking.
Relay awards: In each level, the team that has the highest total Relay Round score receives a scholarship for the entire team. In case of a tie, the total Team Round score and then the total Individual Round score break the tie.

12. Is there any opportunity for students to engage in some kind of student interaction and gift exchange activities with students from other regions?

There will be about two hours reserved on November 24th evening following the lecture from honored guest and activities.

13. What kind of gifts should my students get for the gift exchange activities?

The gifts they get should not be expensive or large. Under US$5 each and represents the region you are from would be most ideal. In the past, some students had brought in flags of their region, coins, stamps, little handicraft items, their uniform t–shirts, etc.

14. When is the deadline for registration?

The deadline for registration listed on the Announcement is October 31st. Because hotels need to have a good number for our participating population so they can commit their rooms to us, we have to abide by this deadline. In fact, we would like for you to tell us if you are planning to join WMTC by September and to give us your best estimate as to how many people you plan to bring to WMTC in early or middle of October so we can plan. Obviously, your headcount can be adjusted up or down when you officially register.

For any more questions, please contact registration@wmtc-math.net

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