The 7th WMTC 2016 Keynote session "Geometry"

by Professor Marc Pauly

About WMTC

            WMTC is a math competition worthy of investment in time and effort because it encourages our students to look beyond our border and see what other countries are doing in math training, especially at the Primary and Intermediate Levels.

            China and many other countries are at the leading position in this area. Most international competitions are for either high school students or students with exceptional math abilities. It is important to bring our primary and Intermediate Level students to interact and compete with similar level students from all over the world, because this is an excellent way to cultivate their interest in mathematics.

            The 7th WMTC will be held in Beijing, China on Nov 23rd to 27th in Beijing, China.


1- Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economic Mathematics


Founder, the 1st Chairman, Hua Luogeng

2- Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economic Mathematics, Committee of Mathematics Education


The 1st Director, Zhou Guozhen

3− The World of Mathematics and Physics Journal


President, Zhou Guozhen.(Left)

With Ding Shisun, President of Peking University and Chairman of the China Democratic League.

4− The Committee of Hope Cup Mathematics Competition

Co-Founders, Chen Dequan, Ji Lei, Xu Weixuan, Zhou Guozhen

Authorized by

China Association for Science and Technology


WMTC Trademark Owner

Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economic Mathematics



Group Awards

(1) Each team’s final score is summed up by Team, Relay and Individual scores.
(2) In each division, the top 1/3 of the teams are ranked. These teams will receive WMTC Group Trophies and each team members will receive a gold medal and a certificate.
(3) The other 1/3 of each division that didn’t make it in the top 1/3 rank will be awarded for WMTC medal.

Individual Awards

(1) In each division, the top 10% scoring individuals receive gold medals and certificates, the next 20% scoring individuals receive silver medals and certificates, the next 30% scoring individuals receive bronze medals and certificates, and the next 40% scoring individuals receive merit participation certificates.
(2) Individuals are also ranked by their scores. Each of the top three scoring individuals in each division will receive a special trophy and a scholarship to honor his/her ranking.

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